The 11 Best Email Warmup Tools in 2024

The 12 Best Email Warmup Tools in 2024 [Features & Pricing]

Just imagine, you put a tremendous effort into carefully crafting cold emails, and they end up missing the primary inbox of prospects! It won’t work out this way, at least not in cold emailing. As the response rate of cold emails is around 1-5 percent, you can understand that you can’t afford to let emails land in spam.

So, what can you do about it?

You have the process of email warmup to help you out. However, it is not possible to go about manually warming up your email account as it is a time-consuming process. That is why you have email warmup tools. They automate the task for you and make life easier! 

Let us explore the top email warmup tools, but first we’ll dig deeper to understand email warmup better. 

What Is Email Warm-Up?

You must be aware that when you create a new email account, your ESP (Email Service Provider) sets your daily email sending limit for it. Though you can use your new email account as soon as you create it, you can use the entire limit only when you build a good sender reputation. To achieve that, you must warm up your account. 

Email warm-up refers to a process of building a reputation for a new email account that helps increase the count of emails you can send from it.

When you begin warming up an account, you have to start sending only a few emails a day, but you can increase the count with every passing day. 

Top 12 Email Warmup Tools

Let’s quickly take a look at the list of the top 10 email warmup tools. You will understand why you need a tool for the process further in this post.

Salesblink- email warmup tools

SalesBlink is an automated cold outreach tool that takes care of all the stages of the sales process right from outreach to closing. The fully-loaded tool also offers email warmup service.

SalesBlink Email Warmup

There is the use of real accounts to generate activity i.e. send and receive emails. Also, owing to its simple interface, you can set up the process easily. It is better to enable the email warmup process for 30 days for best results.


The monthly paid plans are: 

Scale- $29/month

Growth- $99/month

Business- $199/month

You get a discount of 15% if you choose yearly billing.

2. Warmup Inbox 

Warmup inbox-email warmup tools

A dedicated email warming-up tool, Warmup Inbox provides the best results when you use it for a minimum of 45 to 90 days. Moreover, the tool has a really huge network of 4,500+ email inboxes that your account can interact with. It offers analytics and gives you a report of the performance of your account as a ‘health score’. Based on that, it suggests when you can start sending emails. There is also email blacklist monitoring. 

Pricing – You get the tool at $9 per month per inbox.


Warmy is a powerful warm-up tool designed to boost email deliverability rates and establish a positive sending reputation. It focuses on personalized email campaigns and efficient domain management, offering a seamless user experience with a range of features. Notably, Warmy excels in sending personalized emails, enhancing engagement and deliverability by tailoring messages to recipients.

Pricing – 7-day free trial & $49 per Month, allowing up to 100 emails per day for one email account.

4. Mailwarm

Mailwarm-email warmup tools

Mailwarm is one of the best email warmup tools around. With Mailwarm as your warm-up tool, your email account will interact with thousands of real email accounts. It is an easy-to-use yet effective email warm-up service. After connecting your account, you can set up the sending, and reply schedule and the tool will warm up your account in the background. 

Pricing – The cost of the tool is a little on the higher side at $79 per month per inbox. 

5. WarmUpYourEmail

Warm up your email

This email warming up service from Mailshake has a real team to interact with your emails. The team that opens emails, replies to them, takes them out of the spam folder and performs other actions such as marking them as important. 

The USP of this tool is that there are real people involved in generating activity around your email account. Also, being a simple tool, almost anyone can use it. 

Pricing – It costs $29 / month / inbox.

6. Lemwarm


Being the pioneers of email warmup tools, Lemwarm deserves mention here. It lets you choose the number of emails that the tool should send each day. Once scheduled, it automates the sending of emails and getting replies. To prevent emails from getting missed out, all of them that enter or leave Lemwarm get tagged in the primary inbox automatically. The tool is successful in increasing the volume of emails you can send once it warms up the account.

Pricing – it costs $29 per month per inbox.

Integrate Lemlist with SalesBlink

7. Woodpecker


Woodpecker is a sales engagement tool that falls under the category of best email warm up software. The number of warm ups depends on the number of slots you have as a user. Also, using the tool to warm up the account you are sending outreach emails from is not mandatory. The tool lets you warm up another account as well because, logically speaking, it is a new account that needs a warm-up. Additionally, it is worth noting that the tool handles email and domain warm up differently. 

Pricing – The paid plan starts at $39 per month per slot

Integrate Woodpecker with SalesBlink

Integrate Woodpecker with SalesBlink

8. QuickMail Auto-Warmer


QuickMail’s email warm-up tool responds to emails with real accounts. The process of increasing the sending volume is slow so that the activity doesn’t raise suspicion. If at all emails land in the spam folder, the tool gets them out to show the email service provider that they aren’t spam. It also replies to the email. 

Pricing –  The paid plan starts at $45 per month.

Integrate Quickmail with SalesBlink

9. is a popular tool that automates cold outreach, just like SalesBlink and Woodpecker. It has an additional warm-up feature that automates the process of sending emails and engaging with them. What’s more is that the tool enables you to change the settings as per your requirement, i.e. you can set up the warm-up for a new email account, use it to safeguard your sender reputation, and get out of spam. 

Pricing – The paid plan costs $29 / month / email account.

Integrate Reply with SalesBlink

10. Warmbox


This email warming tool sends real emails from the users’ inbox, takes them out of spam, replies to emails, and opens them. With this tool, you can increase your inbox reputation and email deliverability. You can connect your email account with the tool almost instantly and start its warmup without needing technical skills.

Pricing – The paid plan starts at $15 /month for one inbox.

Integrate with SalesBlink

11. Folderly


Folderly is an AI-powered tool that helps increase the email deliverability of your account. With the help of machine learning, the tool generates emails automatically and sends replies that seem to be coming from a human. To use the tool, you have to connect your account, create a warm-up email template, and perform a spam test. The tool will take care of the rest. 

Pricing – The tool’s plan starts at $49 per month. 

12. Email Warm-up - Email Warm-up

Known as an all-in-one platform for sales and marketing automation, has recently launched a new tool – Email Warm-up, which is capable of increasing your email deliverability drastically within a single email warm-up campaign. 

After a quick 2-minute setup, just choose your warm-up strategy depending on your goals, and the AI-powered warm-up mechanism will do its job, crafting realistic conversations, opening and replying to your emails, and unspamming them so they always land in the inbox. You can always monitor the results of your warm-up campaign to ensure your email deliverability grows with every day. 

Pricing – offers a free plan. The paid plan starts at $39 per month for 6 inboxes.

How Much Time Does It Take To Warm Up An Account?

The answer to this question can be a little tricky as there is no pre-set time frame for warming up your domain. It usually takes a few weeks, so you can understand that you can’t get over it instantly. If you want a rough idea of how long it would take, consider the time taken to achieve maximum deliverability, which is 8-12 weeks. The time taken for email warm-up depends on the number of emails you send and how well the recipients engage with your email. 

Why Should You Warm Up A New Email Account?

Next, let’s move on to why we should warm up a new email account or not.

You can twist the question a little and turn it to – ‘What would happen if you send emails from an email account that is not warmed up?’

The answer to that is simple – If you shoot out a large number of emails from an account without warming it up, you are more likely to land in the recipient’s spam folder.

But, is that an issue? Well, yes, it is. When your emails get into spam folders or the prospect marks them as spam or deletes them without opening them, your sender reputation will suffer, and it can take a lot of time to fix the damage.

So, it is good to warm up your account before going all out and running your email outreach campaign. 

How Do You Warm Up An Email Account?

Now that we have seen what email warm-up is and why it is important let’s move on to how you can do it. 

When you have a new email account, there are two ways to warm up – manually and using an automated tool. Let’s take a look at both the strategies,

Manually Warming Up Your Email Account

warm-up schedule example-email warmup tools

If you choose to warm up your account manually, you have to send emails from your new account to the people in your circle, such as your coworkers, friends and relatives. You also have to ask them to reply to you as your ESP will pay attention to it. So, with every passing day, you can warm up your email account, and after a while, it will be ready for a full-blown cold email campaign. 

In case you are looking for an example of what your warm-up schedule should look like, here you go,

1st Week – Begin the process by sending 10-20 emails a day. In a week’s time, you would have sent 70 to 140 emails.

2nd Week – Increase the count to 20-40 emails a day, which is 140-280 emails a week.

3rd Week – You can now move on to 40-80 emails a day

4th Week – By now, you can go for 80-100 emails a day

That is the sending part. What about the ideal count for replies and incoming emails? Well, it is good to get the maximum number of replies and emails hitting your inbox. Ideally, if you send 100 emails, you should get 25 replies. So, you can chalk it out accordingly. 

As you have seen, it is possible to warm up your email manually but it is time-consuming and will keep you occupied. You have to ask people to reply to your emails and create real engagement, which requires a lot of patience. On that note, let’s take a look at how you can warm up your email using a tool dedicated for the task. 

Using Email Warm Up Tools

Are you worried about the manual process being time-consuming? You need not, as there are tools to help you out. With the help of an email warm up software, you can save a lot of time which you can use for nurturing your prospects. That probably answers why you should use a tool for email warm up. 

The job of an best email warm up software is to generate activity in your email account. The aim is to make your account look trustworthy to ESPs. They help improve your reputation and reduce the risk of your emails hitting the spam folder. 

SalesBlink has a feature that helps in warming up your email account while you can focus on other important tasks. You simply need to connect your email to SalesBlink and switch on the warm-up process for it.

You have to make the necessary settings and fix the number of emails you want to send each day. Once you do that, you can watch the warm-up process in the background and focus on more important tasks. 

With SalesBlink, there are real interactions as you send and receive emails from real email accounts. Also, the tool moves the emails that end up in the spam folder to the inbox. 

What To Look For In Email Warmup Tools?

While selecting a tool for email warm-up, you have to ensure that it offers the following: 

  • Ensures that your emails are real
  • Doesn’t depend on fake email addresses
  • Enables email interaction is with real people
  • Possesses an algorithm that keeps several in consideration
  • Is easy to use
  • Has good reviews

Why Should You Never Buy Email Domain From Someone?

If you are considering buying an email domain, you must ensure that it has a good reputation. You can land in trouble if your pre-owned domain was previously in the hands of a spammer. Things will go downhill despite your efforts to warm it up. Therefore, to avoid all the headache, it is better not to purchase your email domain from someone else. 

Factors that affect your email warm-up strategy

1. Time

As you have already seen, when you create a new email account and use it to send emails, the ESP won’t trust you so easily. Trust building happens through warm up, and it depends a lot on time. If you have owned an email address for quite some time, it would be more ‘warmed up’ than a new account. So, time is an essential factor to consider in your warm up strategy.

2. Email list quality 

The health of your email list is another factor that determines your reputation. If there are multiple hard bounces, your ESP will consider you a spammer and probably even blacklist you. Therefore, if you are warming up your account, you must be wary of the invalid addresses lurking in your list. Try your best to get rid of the bad addresses with periodical email verification

3. Personalization level

When you personalize your emails, you are more likely to get responses as a reward for your hard work. This makes the ESP trust you better, increasing your reputation and taking you a step closer to a fully warmed-up account. 

Pick Your Email Warm Up Tool To Improve Deliverability!

So, we saw what email warm-up is, how long it takes, and the best email warm up software that can help automate the process for you.

We hope that after reading this post, you understand the importance of email warmup and will be able to choose a tool that suits your needs. After all, email warm up is the need of the hour for anyone into cold emailing. At the same time, you have to pick a tool that makes your life easier and increases overall productivity. 


1. Do email warmers work?

Yes, they do. Email warmers minimize the manual work involved in warming up email accounts with the help of automation. They successfully improve your deliverability so that you land in the prospect’s inbox.

2. How do I warm up my email in Outlook?

You can connect your Outlook email account with an email warmup tool like SalesBlink & watch it warm up your account in the background. Using a tool is much better than the traditional warm up methods that take forever.

3. How long does it take to warm up email?

To properly warm up an account, a warm up tool needs up to 4 weeks. For new email accounts, you need a minimum of 12 weeks to start your first campaign. Only then you can start witnessing results.


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