Top 6 Ways To Use ChatGPT For B2B Sales (+18 Prompts)

Top 6 Ways To Use ChatGPT For B2B Sales (+18 Prompts)

ChatGPT is attracting 96 million visitors per month and there’s no prize for guessing that the AI language model is revolutionizing how people work. If you are looking for ways to use ChatGPT for B2B sales, look no further!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top ways you can use ChatGPT to transform your B2B sales efforts, with over 10 practical prompts to help you make the most of this path-breaking technology. 

Whether you’re a sales rep looking to streamline your daily activities or a manager seeking innovative ways to boost your team’s performance, you’ll get valuable insights and tips to drive your B2B sales success. 

So, let’s start this journey to discover how ChatGPT can help you simplify your sales process and outdo your competition!

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a clever artificial intelligence created by OpenAI that takes machine learning natural language processing models several notches higher. Its purpose is to comprehend and generate text similar to the way humans do. The AI is based on a design known as GPT-4, which makes it highly effective in tasks such as assisting businesses with sales.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

Now that you know what ChatGPT is, let’s see how it works.

  1. A user enters a question or command as input to the tool’s text bar.
  2. The AI model breaks down the input into smaller pieces called tokens and analyzes them.
  3. The tokens get into ChatGPT’s transformer.
  4. The transformer encodes the input, carries out probability distribution which further works on output generation.
  5. Finally, ChatGPT generates the answer and the user can see the response. 

In essence, ChatGPT is a highly advanced AI language tool designed to understand and create human-like text for various applications, including helping businesses connect with customers more effectively.

How To Use ChatGPT For B2B Sales?

For B2B sales, ChatGPT can help generate sales emails, answer prospect queries, provide product recommendations, and much more. Its ability to understand and generate human-like text makes it a powerful asset for sales teams looking for automating repetitive tasks, and offer personalized experiences to their clients.

In a way, ChatGPT can save several work hours that reps can use for tasks requiring direct human involvement, such as nurturing prospects. Right now, AI is human-like and has not become a complete human ;). So, you still have the edge over ChatGPT. 

Ways To Use ChatGPT For B2B Sales

Here are the top ways you can use ChatGPT to get more work done easily,

#1: Research your target industries and buyer personas

Research your target industries and buyer personas

Using ChatGPT to research target industries and buyer personas in B2B sales involves leveraging its extensive knowledge base and language generation capabilities to gather valuable insights and create comprehensive profiles.

Here’s how to go about it,

  1. Define your objectives: Determine the specific information you’re looking to gather about target industries and buyer personas, such as industry trends, challenges, opportunities, and key preferences of decision-makers.
  2. Create targeted prompts: Write detailed prompts that guide ChatGPT to provide the desired information. For example, you might ask for an overview of the target industry, key players, growth drivers, and challenges faced by businesses within that sector.
  3. Generate industry insights: Feed the prompts you came up with and let ChatGPT generate a comprehensive analysis of the target industry.
  4. Create buyer persona prompts: Create prompts that guide the AI model in generating insights about your ideal customers, such as their roles, responsibilities, goals, pain points, and decision-making criteria.
  5. Generate buyer persona profiles: Input the buyer persona prompts into ChatGPT and allow it to create detailed profiles that outline your target audience’s characteristics, preferences, and needs.
  6. Analyze and refine: Review the generated industry insights and buyer persona profiles for accuracy and relevance. 

Next, all you need to do is, implement the findings.

#2: Build personal brands on social media

 Build personal brands on social media

ChatGPT can be instrumental in building personal brands on social media by generating engaging and relevant content and providing insights into audience preferences. Here’s how,

  1. Content Creation: Generate high-quality, unique, and informative content with ChatGPT that resonates with your target audience, such as blog posts, articles, thought leadership pieces, and social media captions.
  2. Consistent Messaging: Use ChatGPT to maintain a consistent tone, style, and message across your social media channels, ensuring that your personal brand is easily recognizable and coherent.
  3. Audience Insights: Utilize the AI model to analyze your audience’s preferences, interests, and pain points, which can mold your content strategy and help you create content that addresses their needs.
  4. Content Planning: Brainstorm content ideas, themes, and topics for social media campaigns, ensuring that your content remains fresh, engaging, and aligned with your personal brand goals.

#3: Write messages for cold outreach

Write messages for cold outreach

If you want help with email and LinkedIn outreach messages, ChatGPT is there for you. Here’s a brief overview of how ChatGPT can help you with cold outreach:

  1. Understands context: ChatGPT understands the context and can generate messages that address the specific needs, challenges, or interests of your target audience, increasing the chances of capturing their attention.
  2. Comes up with creative hooks: You can use the AI model to create compelling hooks, questions, or conversation starters that intrigue prospects and encourage them to respond to your outreach efforts.
  3. Is consistent: ChatGPT ensures that your cold outreach messages maintain a consistent tone, style, and messaging, which helps build a professional image and reinforces your brand identity.

Ultimately, by automating the LinkedIn message and email copy creation process, ChatGPT saves sales teams valuable time, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles, such as building relationships and close deals faster.

#4: Generate lead qualification questions

Generate lead qualification questions

ChatGPT can generate lead-qualifying questions that assess a prospect’s fit with your product or service. To use it for generating lead-qualifying questions, follow these steps:

  1. Identify key criteria: Determine the critical factors that indicate a strong fit between a prospect and your offerings, such as industry, company size, budget, and specific pain points your product or service can address.
  2. Develop targeted prompts: Write prompts that guide ChatGPT in generating questions related to the key criteria you’ve identified. For example, you might ask ChatGPT to generate questions that help assess a prospect’s budget constraints, most pressing challenges, or decision-making process.
  3. Generate questions: Input the prompts into ChatGPT and let the AI generate a list of lead-qualifying questions tailored to your specific criteria. 

These questions should help you gather information about the prospect’s needs, preferences, and decision-making factors.

#5: Create presentations, video sales letter scripts & sales pitches

Create presentations, video sales letter scripts & sales pitches

ChatGPT can assist sales reps in creating sales materials such as pitches, presentations, and even scripts for video sales letters. Let’s see how, 

Create presentation slides 

Sales reps can provide ChatGPT with the key points they want to convey in their presentation, along with any relevant data or statistics. ChatGPT can then generate an output based on what the user enters which can be used as a basis for the slides. This way, creating slides of presentations is easier and time-saving. 

Write video sales letter scripts

Video sales letters are used extensively in B2B sales and instead of writing them from scratch each time, it would be if you have help at hand. As a sales rep, provide ChatGPT with a general outline of the video sales letter you want to create, along with any key messages or benefits you wish to highlight. ChatGPT will then generate a written script for the video, which the sales rep can use as a basis for their recording.

Create sales pitches

You can provide ChatGPT with information about your product or service, as well as details about the target audience and the key benefits you want to highlight. It will generate a written sales pitch, which you can use as a basis for their conversation with potential customers.

Similarly, you can use Chat GPT to get help in writing contracts and creating minutes of meeting with clients. 

#6: Train Sales Reps

Train Sales Reps

ChatGPT technology can help train sales reps by simulating sales scenarios and role-playing exercises with potential customers. You can create realistic and engaging interactions. Here’s how to use the AI model for sales coaching step-by-step:

  1. Define training objectives: Identify the specific skills or situations you want to address during the training, such as handling objections, pitching products, or building rapport with prospects.
  2. Write realistic prompts: Develop detailed prompts that simulate real-life sales scenarios, including potential prospect responses, questions, or concerns. Ensure that the prompts challenge your sales reps to think critically and adapt their approach.
  3. Initiate role-playing exercises: Input the prompts into ChatGPT and let the AI act as a prospect, generating responses and questions that your sales reps must address during the simulated conversation.
  4. Encourage adaptation and learning: Instruct your sales reps to engage with ChatGPT, adjusting their responses and strategies as they encounter various prospect reactions, questions, or objections. This process will help them develop their problem-solving, communication, and persuasion skills.

With that we come to the end of how to use ChatGPT for B2B Sales. 

Tips To Make The Most Of ChatGPT For B2B Sales

Here are a few tips that will come in handy while using ChatGPT for simplifying B2B sales, 

1. Identify in what way ChatGPT can help the sales team

Try to find what all ChatGPT can help the sales team with. However, it may vary from one team to another. Choose the best one and let the reps use them well. It can be writing outreach messages or roleplaying to train reps. 

2. Provide prompts to the sales team

It is best to provide prompts to the team that gives you the desired yield. It helps reps make the most of ChatGPT. We’ll provide you with prompts at the end of this blog post so that you can create similar ones for your team.  

3. Ensure every ChatGPT response is fact checked

No matter how sound the output is, you have to fact-check it. This is because several times, incorrect information has been spotted in ChatGPT’s outputs which is why you have to be extra cautious. 

4. Encourage sales reps to keep learning

Your sales team will learn many new things using the AI model. Therefore, it is best to ask them to keep sharing it among themselves so that everyone will grow. 

What Makes A Good Prompt?

Talking about prompts, are you thinking what exactly makes a good one? 

  1. Clarity: Clearly define the information or response you seek. Be specific about the context, format, or structure you expect in the answer.
  2. Precision: Avoid open-ended or vague questions that might confuse the model.
  3. Context: Provide sufficient background information or context to help the model understand the subject matter and generate relevant responses.
  4. Constraints: If you want the response within certain limits or with specific conditions, mention those constraints explicitly.
  5. Instruction: Include the desired format or type of response, such as a list, a step-by-step guide, or a brief summary.
  6. Experimentation: Test different prompt variations to find the most effective wording that produces the desired output. Keep refining the prompt until you achieve the desired outcome. 
  7. Iterative questioning: Break down complex queries into simpler, more focused questions. This allows the model to address specific aspects of the topic and ensures the final output is comprehensive.
  8. Reiteration: If the model provides an unsatisfactory response, rephrase your prompt or include more specific information to guide the model toward the desired answer.

ChatGPT Prompt Ideas To Support B2B Sales

You are now reading the most awaited section of this blog post. Here we will show you the top ChatGPT prompts you can share with your sales team and help increase productivity,

1. Prompt to create buyer personas for the business and research them

You must create a buyer persona before you start prospecting. ChatGPT can help create them for you and save hours of manual research. 

Act as an experienced marketer for SaaS startups. You have immense knowledge of sales outreach automation. I want you to create buyer personas for the sales team. Keep it specific and simple. The personas will help the sales reps tune their approach. Mine is a SaaS company with SalesBlink as the main tool used for automating prospecting and outreach. Include the following criteria for the persona-



Pain points

Prompt for ChatGPT For B2B Sales

You can research buyer personas to understand them better and tweak your strategy.

Here’s is a series of prompts,

Mention in detail what a sales VP cares about the most while using tools for the team.

Prompt for ChatGPT For B2B Sales

What are some common pain points of VP of sales?

Pain points Prompt for ChatGPT For B2B Sales

What are the latest trends in [industry]?

Trends Prompt for ChatGPT For B2B Sales

2. Prompts to build your personal brand as the company’s CEO 

You can write LinkedIn posts that get the target audience’s attention and make your online presence felt. It is one of the best ways to look like a thought-leader in your industry. 

I am the founder and CEO of a sales automation SaaS. Write a LinkedIn post in less than 300 words about why it is essential to automate the sales process. Keep the tone friendly and conversational.

LinkedIn post ChatGPT Prompt

Here’s another prompt that can be helpful to you,

Write a LinkedIn post to outline the different ways to generate leads in B2B sales. In the end of the post, plug in my tool which is a lead generation SaaS tool and mention how helpful it can be. Don’t exceed 250 words. 

LinkedIn post ChatGPT Prompt

3. Prompts for writing cold emails & LinkedIn outreach messages

You can use ChatGPT to write personalized cold emails that will fetch you responses.

Write a casual cold email in less than 100 words long where the person we are writing to is named {{name}}, with the job title {{title}}, works in {{company_name}}. Add a case study of 1-2 sentences and add a CTA at the end to book a meeting. Avoid using jargon. Don’t be too formal.

Cold Email ChatGPT Prompt

Here’s a prompt to generate a message for LinkedIn outreach

Write a LinkedIn outreach message introducing me as the sales head of a digital marketing agency. Mention that I am reaching out because I am in the same LinkedIn group as them. Ask if they are interested in a quick call on Friday. 

LinkedIn outreach message ChatGPT Prompt

4. Prompts to generate lead qualification questions

It is possible to use the AI language model to generate questions that qualify leads. 

Act as a sales rep qualifying leads to see whether they are a fit to my tool or not. My tool is a sales automation SaaS that automates prospecting, sends cold emails and follow-up emails. List a few questions that I can ask to understand prospects’ needs and their pain points and get other details to see if they are relevant leads. Provide 10 questions as examples. 

ChatGPT Prompts to generate lead qualification questions

5. Prompts to create presentation slides, video sales letter scripts & sales pitches

As a sales professional, you will need to create presentations, write scripts for video sales letters and write pitches. Getting some help with it would obviously be great, right? 

Creating a presentation

Here are a few prompts for creating a presentation,

I am creating a powerpoint presentation to show the power of automating the sales process. What objectives will interest the audience? 

ChatGPT Prompts to create presentations

You can use the objectives for your presentation.

Create an outline for the above presentation to captivate the audience.

ChatGPT Prompts for presentations

Having the skeleton of the presentation will help you create the slides faster. 

Write bullet points on the benefits of sales automation. Keep it simple.

ChatGPT Prompts for presentations

This way you’ll get help with the content too. 

Suggest a chart or graph on sales process automation to capture the audience’s attention.

ChatGPT Prompts for presentations

The inputs will save the time you spend on creating a graph from scratch.

Suggest what slide transitions and effects would be best for a professional presentation on using automation for sales. 

ChatGPT Prompts for effects in presentations

It would again save a lot of time on deciding what effects to choose. 

Creating a video sales letter script

Write a highly engaging video sales letter in a semi-formal tone pitching a SaaS tool for accounting named AccountingPro. Mention how the tool can help save time by reducing manual work and speeding up the process. Include how it has helped users see a 45% increase in their team’s productivity. In the end, add a time-limited deal of 10% off on the subscription. 

Prompt to create a video sales letter script

It will help you with creating the flow of the video with all the effects and of course a gripping script! 

Creating a sales pitch

Act as a copywriter and write a sales pitch for the following SaaS tool for accounts:

Name: AccountingPro

Price: $10 per user

Benefits: Saves time by minimizing manual work, fully-automated

Features: Uses the power of AI

Focus on the benefits. Keep the tone semi-formal and engaging.  

Prompt to create a sales pitch

Having a ready-made sales pitch is such a blessing. You can make a few tweaks to it before using it. 

6. Training sales reps with roleplays

Roleplays can go a long way in training reps on handling prospects in real-time. 

Here’s a prompt for that,

Act as an agency owner that offers lead generation services to companies. 

I am pitching you a sales automation SaaS that helps automate the sales process, from finding leads to sending cold emails to following up using email. 

Provide the objections you may have in the form of questions and explain 

After that, tell me how I can overcome the objections. 

ChatGPT prompt for training sales reps

7. Generating a cold-call script

Cold-calling scripts have to get the person’s attention at the other end. You can generate a script that does exactly that using ChatGPT.

Here’s the prompt for that,

Write a cold-call script to get a sales head interested in a SaaS tool that generates leads. Keep it less formal and friendly throughout. 

ChatGPT prompt for cold call script

SalesBlink is an automated cold outreach tool that helps you send cold emails with follow ups on Autopilot. 

ChatGPT-powered SalesBlink is the most path-breaking way of increasing the productivity of sales reps. 

You need not create outreach sequences on your own or write emails from scratch. There is ChatGPT to help you do all that in no time. 

Here’s how you can launch a sales sequence in 90 seconds: 

  1. Click on ‘Create New Sequence’. 

You will get two options – ‘Create with ChatGPT’ and ‘Create from Scratch’. 

SalesBlink sequence
  1. Name the sequence, select the first option and save.
Create new sequence with ChatGPT
  1. You can now create a template with ChatGPT by naming the template and entering the ChatGPT prompt. 
Generate Sequence with ChatGPT

Here are a few examples of the kind of prompts you can enter,

  • I want to sell digital marketing services
  • I sell lead generation services to SaaS companies
  • Write a cold email to sell my CRM SaaS
  • My startup provides health insurance to businesses
  • I provide digital marketing services to enterprises
  • I sell accounting software to small businesses

ChatGPT in SalesBlink works better because we have trained ChatGPT to write high performing cold emails with minimal information from your end.

Usually, when you use ChatGPT, you have to be specific and enter a longer prompt to get the desired output. 

However, with SalesBlink, the email is more precise and optimized to get more replies.

As you can see below, the subject line and the body of the email get generated based on the input. 

Generating email template using ChatGPT

You can add the variables such as {{first_name}}, {{company_name}} to the email body from the list you choose to personalize it.  

Feel free to update the email content according to what you plan to sell.

Also, you can improve the email according to your edits by clicking on ‘Improve with ChatGPT’. 

  1. Once you are fully satisfied, you can click on ‘Create sequence with ChatGPT’.

This will make SalesBlink write the follow up emails on autopilot for you and create a sequence with the initial and the follow up emails.

Generating sequence

You can always make changes to the sequence or to the follow-up templates if you feel ChatGPT missed the mark.

So, isn’t this exciting? You can give it a shot by signing up for a trial here

Start Using ChatGPT For B2B Sales!

AI tools like ChatGPT can make your B2B sales dream come true. This smart AI buddy can tackle many tasks, making your sales process faster, smoother, and more effective. As we’ve seen from these 10 prompts, you can use ChatGPT for a wide range of tasks – from lead generation and qualification to content creation. By adopting ChatGPT, you can improve sales and stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities in an ever-evolving digital landscape. So, jump on the AI bandwagon and watch your revenue skyrocket!


1. What can ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot do for B2B Sales?

ChatGPT is an AI language model capable of generating human-like text. It can assist with various tasks, including answering questions, providing recommendations, summarizing content, generating creative text, engaging in conversations, and more.

2. What ChatGPT can’t do for B2B Sales? 

ChatGPT can’t experience emotions, provide real-time conversation, generate accurate info beyond 2021, guarantee 100% accuracy or unbiased content, replace human intuition/judgment, provide legal advice, predict future events with certainty.

3. Where do ChatGPT answers come from? 

ChatGPT generates answers based on its extensive training on various texts from the internet, including books, articles, & websites. Then, it uses an algorithm to analyze the input, match it to questions it has seen before, & generate a response based on the patterns it has learned.



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